2 X Dribbble Invites Contest – Introducing “The Hidden Forest – interactive story”

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Dear friends,

I would like to announce my latest illustration project. I’ve worked hard on this interactive book for children,
next to my beloved team – Marian Marinica and Massimiliano Coppola. BIG THANKS to a great story teller and
an amazing programmer.

My thanks also go to Alin Stanusescu for the IOS build. Another great programmer. Thank you!

I’m talking about a new digital book named “The Hidden Forest – interactive story”, a beautiful adventure where
children will follow a super-funny character, Big Eyes, and learn new things.

You can read more about the project here: www.bigeyesadventures.com/ and here: Behance – The-Hidden-Forest-interactive-story

SOOO… The team @dribbble made my day again 😀 I got 2 invites and it’s time for a new CONTEST!!!!!
I love contests <3


In order to WIN one of the 2 Dribbble invites you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Like and share the facebook page of Big Eyes Adventures here: Facebook Big Eyes Adventures
  2. Follow the instagram page of Big Eyes Adventures here: Instagram Big Eyes Adventures
  3. Like the contest photo on the Instagram page and tag 2 or more friends: Instagram Big Eyes Adventures
  4. Send your portfolio of works and a link to your Dribbble profile at: alexlaurg@gmail.com


I will select the best candidates and announce the winners of the contest on the 1st of March.
Make sure you follow my activity on Dribbble and social media, also the social accounts of Big Eyes to check out
the results 😀


Thank you very much everyone for the beautiful support and remember to HAVE FUN!

[SOLD] Decebal King Of Dacia

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A new client approached me last week with a very interesting proposal.

He said that he needs a Dacia related identity for a new business in Quebec, Canada. Promoting Romanian history and values is something I have always admired and supported. That is the reason for why I have decided totransfer him the intellectual property rights for my artwork: DECEBAL – KING OF DACIA.

I am really excited to hear about the evolution of the project and I hope to see my artwork showcased all over the world.

WINNER – 3rd place – Milka illustration contest

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How are you? I hope you are still drawing a lot before Christmas 😀

My dear friend. Gaspar Dan, told me about an illustration contest for Milka, the purple cow.
After reading the brief, I decided to take a shot and started to sketch simple ideas.

I was only allowed to use white and purple for the illustration and had to follow the Christmas theme.
Done! The idea started to take shape on the piece of paper and I though: What about giving life to normal Christmas decorations like bells, presents and.. chocolate 😀

After several hours of work, I came up with some cool characters and added some subtle snow for the effect.
I was very happy to create the illustration thinking of all the happy children out there and the Christmas Holiday that is so close.

The voting stage was over and the winners were announced. I entered the website and I had the great surprise
to see my name next to the 3rd place 🙂 Congrats to all 322 artists who entered the contest and I hope that all of you had a lot of fun 😀

Follow this link for more info and final results: https://www.iqads.ro/articol/40975/creativii-au-inscris-juriul-a-evaluat-hohoho-ca-i-avem-aici-pe-toti-castigatorii


Thank you very much for all the support and happy chocolate times!